Our Service Advantage

QVC: Quality, Value, Convenience


  • Recruiting: World Ship Service employees are carefully recruited and trained using a highly-refined combination of sources, scoring, interviewing, and testing.
  • DevelopmentWorld Ship Service Service Technicians are developed via a detailed, multi-year grading plan and regularly attend industry-leading factory training schools.
  • Spares: World Ship Service’s enterprise inventory system flags and replenishes high-failure items. Inventory is accessible by all employees, worldwide, 24/7.
  • Kits: For field work, World Ship Service operates a unique system of comprehensive “service kits”, as opposed to just keeping “loose spares” on a stockroom shelf.
  • MeasurementFirst-Time-Fix-Rates and Customer Retention Rates are two primary metrics used at World Ship Service.
  • Knowledge: Nearly all our executives, managers, salesperson and dispatchers started as technicians. The average tenure at World Ship Service is 13 years.
  • Volume: World Ship Service performs over 10,000 service attendances each year, building expertise and implementing manufacturer’s training.


  • Pricing:  World Ship Service’s Service Labor Rates trend lower that our peers. Our “average invoice” amount is below that of an estimated 75% of our marine service peers.
  • Travel Costs: World Ship Service minimizes travel costs and mileage by operating World Ship Service-owned “service depots in 15 major U.S. ports, 5 Canadian, and 10 strategic European and Asian locations, supplemented by an extensive cadre of convenient, qualified global agents.
  • Contracts: World Ship Service offers service contract options which are effective, economical, and targeted to meet the various needs of our customers.