Spares & Consumables

Our friendly and efficient Counter Sales teams expeditiously fulfill orders for small finished goods, spare parts, and consumable items used on vessels.  This includes handheld radios, batteries, EPIRBS, SARTS, GPS, SSAS, Magnetrons, Spheres, paper supplies, antennas, cables, computers, and more.

The hallmarks of Counter Sales operations are:

  • Swift response to inquiries
  • Ability to quote a wide range of products; especially hard-to-find items
  • Comprehensive quotes, including Freight, Customs, Duties, and Special Handling
  • GemiElektroniği’s invoices are designed to precisely match a customer’s Purchase Order
  • Rapid fulfillment and reliable delivery dates
  • Competitive pricing

Our Counter Sales Group fulfills thousands of orders for “Marine Parts and Consumables” annually.   Contact us 24/7 at  to fill your small goods or spare parts needs.